Landhaus Birgit - Apartments


In our house you will find 6 apartments. These were newly built in 2013 and offer all the comfort you expect.

Room for Ski's

For each apartment there is a separate ski storage system. This consists of a lockable box for skis and ski boots. The box has a ski boot heater!


We ask for your understanding that smoking is not allowed in our apartments. Smokers may use the smoking area located at the apartments balcony.

The Stone Pine - Queen of the Alps

There are good reasons for the myth of the Stone Pine - "the Queen of the Alps". It is not only the comfort that radiates the wood but there are many additional beneficial properties.

"In the Stone Pine's sleep is better"! In a blind study, the effects of Stone Pine were investigated on the exercise and recovery ability of the human body. It shows a significantly better quality of sleep in the Stone Pine (unmatched restful sleep). The better night's relaxation is associated with a positive heart rate and increased vibration of the organism during the day. The average savings in the Stone Pine is located at 3500 beats per day, equivalent to about one hour "heart work".

The fact that there is no weather sensitivity in a Stone Pine room, is scientifically proven. Despite the change in air pressure circuit remains stable. The unmistakable aroma of stone pine forest unfolds in the furniture. The nature dictates how you should orient yourself: lifestyle begins in the mind.

The oak - tree of the gods

The oak, one of the most valuable natural local woods has always been considered as a symbol of strength and durability. Perhaps this is the reason why oak floor gives every living room this very special flair. Or is it the powerful naturalness that gives the rooms a true feel-good ambience.